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The Premier Difference

You will see that we differ from nearly all other financial advisors in three important ways. First, we are fee-only; second, we are fiduciaries; and third, we are active investment managers.


If you choose to engage us to assist you in identifying your financial goals and managing your investment portfolio we do it on a fee-only basis. Unlike many financial advisors, we do not receive commissions for our advisory or investment services. This benefits you in two ways. First, we have no incentive to “sell you” a product, as our compensation is generated by fees, not commissioned product sales. Second, our interests are aligned with yours, namely, growing your investment portfolio, since our fee is based on the size of your portfolio. If you choose to move your investment portfolio elsewhere there are no fees other than a possible small account closure fee.


If you choose to become a client, we have a fiduciary responsibility for you. This means that we have a legal obligation to put your interests ahead of our own. Many financial advisors, particularly those affiliated with a brokerage firm, only have a suitability responsibility. This means that such advisors only have a legal requirement to provide you with a suitable investment product, regardless of whether there is a superior product or a lower cost product available elsewhere.

Active Management

Most advisory firms manage your investments using passive strategies. Generally, passive strategies focus only on diversification and ignore market conditions. A serious problem arises during significant market declines when almost all asset classes decline together, such as they did in 2000 and 2008. In such cases diversification offers little protection.

Whenever possible we practice active investment management which enabled many of our clients to experience net positive returns in 2008. Of course, past performance does not guarantee future returns; any investment in the stock market involves the risk of loss. Active management consists of rules to both buy and sell in order to shift capital among specific investments or broad asset classes in response to changing market conditions. One of the primary objectives of active management is to mitigate losses in significantly declining markets while concentrating on those asset classes exhibiting the greatest momentum in rising markets.

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Premier Capital Management Advisors

mike klein

Michael Klein


Michael Klein is the President of Premier Capital Management Inc. Since 1989 he has been helping individuals and companies develop and implement plans for protecting and growing their financial assets. Mike is an economist by education and training, having graduated in economics from Brigham Young University and completed his doctoral coursework in economics at the University of Minnesota. Prior to establishing Premier Capital Management he consulted with the US Navy, the Argentine national government, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, as well as various US firms.

Mike now focuses his education and experience on helping his clients financially. One of his greatest passions is helping his clients protect their financial assets. He specializes in developing and implementing investment strategies designed to achieve positive returns in both rising and falling securities markets. His implementation of these strategies has eliminated the guesswork that has plagued so many investors in the past.

Mike lives in Provo with his wife Shirley, who is a professor at Brigham Young University. They have eight children and a number of grandchildren. When Mike is not hard at work, he enjoys skiing, biking, scuba diving, and watching movies with his family.

mike klein

Valerie Corelli

Investment Advisor Representative

Valerie Corelli has a BS in Business from Brigham Young University, with an emphasis in Financial Planning. She has been assisting families with their financial planning since 1996. She also serves businesses by managing retirement plans and providing financial education for employees. These services for businesses can greatly improve worker productivity.

Ms. Corelli has a sound understanding of financial principles and examines a wide variety of options in order to employ the best resources to help her clients achieve their goals. She is committed to always doing what is best for her clients, and integrity is her hallmark.

Valerie grew up near Seattle, WA. She now lives in Kaysville with her husband, Todd, a practicing clinical psychologist, and their four children. She is an avid skier and also enjoys golfing, boating, and spending time with family and friends.